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Weekly Update 1…

As the title suggests, I will update my activities weekly, rather than trying to keep up with daily updates, plus I am sure daily updates can get very boring. I will of course do other posting not related to my physical activity as they come up.

Since my last update, I have continued to ride but still not to a level that I had planned by this point. The one thing so far this bike season that I have not experienced in past years, is the constant strong winds we have had on a daily basis. In the end, I know this will only make me stronger on the bike. I have taken to doing some sprints on my rides, I usually sprint for 1K. Reviewing the Garmin data once I was finished, I was happy to see a few sprints in the 40km/h and the majority in the high 30s.

Since my last post, I did add another “gadget” to Bonnie. Last year, I purchased a used set of Profile Design T2+ aerobars. It did take me some time getting use to the aerobars but towards the end of last season I was comfortable in the aero position. The one thing I did find with the T2 was the flat position of the bars caused my hands to go numb.


In the off-season, I did some research on the various aerobars to see if I could find a set that I would feel more comfortable with and that would alleviate the numbness. In the end, I purchased a set of Profile Design T3+ Carbon based on several reviews.


So far, I am very happy with the purchase. I love how my hands feel in the up turned bar position. Over the next little while, I will play with the adjustment of the bars to see if I can tune in my aero position better.

Last weekend was a big weekend for the Ottawa running community, as it was the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend. There were almost 50,000 runners competing in races from 5k right up to the marathon. This race is a Boston qualifier so there are runners from all over the world in Ottawa competing. As part of Race Weekend, there is a huge fitness expo with everything a runner might need to compete. I decided not to take part this year but I thought I should at least take in the expo. This would be my first time going into such a crowded place on my own since getting diagnosed with PTSD. Well, I did make it through though it did take a lot out of me. Still, I made the effort and to think that just over a year ago, I would have not even considered going into that big of a crowd on my own.

Though I was disappointed not to be racing this year, I did have several friends running in various races. My running buddy and good friend Jenn was running in her very first marathon. I so wished I could have run with her, but it was not meant to be. As I sat at my nephew football practise, I kept looking at the time on my iPhone and talking to myself, saying, at this time, Jenn should be at this point on the course. I was so happy when I got home and checked her bib number on Sport Stats to see Jenn had completed he first marathon. It was bitter-sweet but I was super proud of Jenn crossing that finish line.

On Tuesday morning, I noticed that one of my friends posted a running challenge that she was taking part in with Runners World Magazine. The challenge is to run every day from Memorial Day to July 1, a total of 41 days of running. I have not run much at all since last December so this was a great chance to get my legs moving again while being held accountable to my running friends. Knowing that I had not run since December, I was not going to run for a time but a distance to start off with and once I got my runners legs back, then I would start pushing for time.

There are a couple of more motivators to run and keep running. The first being that I have signed up to run the Army half marathon at the end of September. The proceeds of this race goes to help the Canadian Soldiers and their families. It is also an emotional race as there are a lot of wounded soldier either running or racing in their wheel chairs. This year, I will wear a special shirt that I will have made up for the race. The second reason for keeping up with the running is that it will help me lose the weight I have put on in the last year. I worked so hard to lose that 100lbs, I cannot go back to that weight again. I went from a 46″ waist down to a 34″ waist, though my pants were a little snug. Now, I am finding that my 36″ waist pants are a little more than snug. My short-term goal is to fit back into my 36″ waist pants so they are very comfortable to wear.

Over all, I am feeling very good and that things are coming together nicely. I so look forward to the next 5-6 weeks of training and then going back to school for six weeks. Things are changing, but all the changes at this point are very good.

Here is a sample of my workouts this past week:




Until next time, “Pick a gear and disappear”


Remembering Boston and Showing Solidarity


T-shirt designed by my friend and running buddy Jenn Hood.

Yesterday I gathered on Parliament Hill in Ottawa with about 1000 others to show support for Boston and remember those that lost their lives to a cowardly act the previous week. It was eerie in some respects as the weather very similar to the week prior in Boston when the bombs went off. It was great to see so many of the local runners that were running in the Boston Marathon last week there wearing their Boston Marathon gear proudly.


Singing Sweet Caroline


Starting to fill up with people

It was a very emotional time, especially when the crowd started singing Sweet Caroline, with some joining hands and swaying back and forth. There were speeches from federal and local politicians as well as area runners. A great speech was given by Canadian Olympic marathon runner Dylan Wykes emphasising that the running community is a strong group of people who will be back in Boston next year to show support and carry on a great tradition.


Once the speeches on Parliament Hill were finished, Sweet Caroline was pumped through the sound system and we began our short walk down to the U.S Embassy. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by the U.S. Ambassador David Jacobson who said, “To each of you, indeed to all the Canadian people … I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your kindness will long be remembered by me and by the American people.”

2013-04-22 13.28.45

Walking to the Embassy

Ambassador David Jacobson went on to say “The people of Boston reminded the rest us of what we’re all about. They reminded us that what unites us vastly exceeds what divides us. They reminded us that courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it,” before leading a moment of silence for the victims.

Once the Ambassador finished speaking, he invited all those that brought running shoes to tie them to the embassy fence. The shoes remained there for a short time before being collected by the great people at the Running Room and donated to the Ottawa Mission.

2013-04-22 13.47.17

Hundreds of pairs of shoes


The great crew from the Running Room packaging all the running shoes for the Ottawa Mission


Proud to show my support

Until next time….Enjoy each and every run.

My Reaction to Boston

Boston Marathon logo 2015

We all can remember that point in time when a significant event happens. Like September 11th where I was enjoying a round of golf on that beautiful sunny day. At the time, I was a commercial pilot so that event hit extremely close to home for me. Shortly there after one of the airlines I was flying for went bankrupt and I was now unemployed. From the time of the events of September 11th, I slowly but surely lost that passion I had for flying since I was a little boy. The low lifes that  perpetrated those events on September 11th took away my dreams and something that gave me so much joy.

Yesterday, I was sitting in a bank office cleaning up some mortgage details when I received a notification on my phone. I started to read it and I could not believe what I was reading. My meeting ended shortly after that and I was anxious to get to my vehicle so I could hear live reports of what was happening in Boston. As the reports started coming in, I was sicken by what I was hearing.

This was a day where so many people were filled with hope and joy as they went for their goal. It should have been a time of great joy and happiness not blood and tears. The images I have seen were horrific and not the images we should have seen on this day.

As I watched the new reports on t.v I could almost feel that feeling of me losing my passion again for something that I enjoy so much. This time though, I resolved not to let that happen. If I did, the bastards responsible for the bombings would have won and I am not about to let them win again. Today, I am going to wear one of my race shirts in support of those in Boston and runners everywhere.

Until next time…. Lets keep those that died, their families and those injured in our thoughts.