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Weekly Update 2

Another good week of training and being part of the Runners World Challenge. The only negative was yet another blister issue. I have not had a problem with blisters like this before. Not sure what the root cause is for the blisters so not I have to put Body Glide on my feet overtime I run.

blisterThe blister above was so big and nasty, that it prevented my from running outside. I am lucky that I have a treadmill, so this allowed me to run without shoes. Yes, I ran bare foot on the treadmill and it certainly was a different feeling. I do not know how people can run outside in bare feet. The blister even caused me not to bike as much due to the pain.

Yesterday, I was able to run and bike without pain for the first time in about 10 days. It was also my longest run in a very long time, since December I believe. I even picked a route that had some challenging hills as most of my runs of late have been more or less flat. I treated this run as a LSD (Long Slow Distance) where I ran for 10 minutes and walked for 1 minute. I felt strong on the run which surprised me given the lack of exercise over the last six months.

The stats since my last update:

Running: 38K

Biking: 70K

Swimming: 2K

bikej4 runj7 bikej7This coming week, I will be going for longer distances on the bike with rides of 50K or more. I will start with a ride on the Osgoode to Leitrim trail on the Trek DS 8.3 and then get Bonnie out for a ride in the country. For the running part of my training, I will push myself out to a 10K run.

Until next time…….Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.