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Clyde Has a Boo-Boo

The plan for today was to get the bikes in the stand to do my pre-season inspection and clean up. First in the stand was the Trek DS 8.3. I thought I had cleaned up the bike at the end of last season but apparently not, as everything was coated in a nice layer of dirt and mud.

2015-04-01 13.40.22


Clyde in the stand. Yes, that is snow and ice in the background.


I removed the bottle cages and bag so that I could apply a liberal amount of bike cleaner. It took me 20 minutes to just get the dirt and mud off of the frame and wheels. Next the drive train need to be sprayed and brushed. Damn it gunk up in such a short time. I used my Park chain cleaner tool along with some citrus cleaner, it sure smells pretty. The cleaner is white and just after a few turns of the crank, the liquid went from white to black.  As good as the Park tool is, I went at the chain and cogs with a soft brush just to dig out some of the tough gunk.

Next on the list of items to clean are the breaks. My bike has disc brakes front and back so I took a gag and soaked it with brake fluid. I then took the rag and cleaned the disc, front and back. What a difference in braking action that little bit of cleaning did. I applying a little bit of oil to the pivot points of the breaking system to allow for smooth action.

Great, Clyde is really starting to look now. Just a couple of more things to test and check before a test ride. Now to check the gear shifting action to ensure that it is all working smoothly and sure enough it was. Next was to clean the pedals and apply a little oil to the SPD action. Nothing worse than either not being able to click in or unclick from the pedal.

With the pedals good to go just one last check before the test ride and that is to test each spoke of each tire. That’s when things went bad. Front wheel, all spokes are tight and the wheel is true. Then to the back wheel and after checking just 3 spokes, I found a broken one. Darn!!! I continued to check the other spokes and found a couple of loose ones. That means a trip to the bike store to either buy the tools I need to change the spoke myself or get the shop to do it.

2015-04-01 14.33.44


D’Oh!! Broken Spoke

2015-04-01 14.34.04


Not Fun

I have to go pick up some other stuff at the bike shop as I think I will just drop it to them to fix quickly while I shop and lust after some of the goodies in the store. I just worked on Clyde today as it took long than expected and I need some other items for Bonnie any ways so I will clean her up tomorrow.

Here is hoping that warmer temperatures get here soon so I can enjoy a nice long ride on either bike. The first ride will most like be on Clyde as the roads here still have a lot loose gravel and debris in the bike lanes.

Come on Spring!!

Update: Dropped the wheel off today to get the new spoke installed but unfortunately the wheel is out of true. Given the broken spoke and the few loose ones, I guess I should have expected that. With Friday being a holiday, it looks like my first ride may not be until Saturday at the earliest, unless I take Bonnie out. If it is warm enough I just might.