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And the Winner Is…..

After narrowing my running shoe choice down from 10 to 7, it was off to see Neil at SoleFit again to narrow the choice down even further. We went through the seven potentials to narrow it down further without trying them on the treadmill. The final three were the Brooks Ravenna 5, Saucony Hurricane 16 and New Balance M870. Now it was time to try on the treadmill for round one of testing where Saucony Hurricane 16 were eliminated as it did not have enough support for my foot.

So it came down to Brooks Ravenna 5 and New Balance M870. Though both shoes are very similar, New Balance M870 provide that added support that I need to help eliminate my pronation. I bought two pairs of the M870 as it is always good to alternate shoes, especially when training for long distance to lessen the wear and tear as well to give the shoe a chance to recover from the pounding it takes.


I will update the review as I put some distance on them over the next few months.

Update September 22,2014

This past weekend, I ran the Army Run 5K in my new New Balance M870 shoes. What a joy not to have foot or Achilles tendon pain. I was surprised that for such a supportive shoe, how light they felt and cushioning was better than I thought it would be, not too firm or too soft. This coming weekend, I will put the M870s to a longer test run as I run the Montreal Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon.

Until next time…..Your life is like a watch ….it keeps on ticking whether you’re sitting still or running somewhere


Trying to Find the Right Shoe

Ever since I started running it seems as if I have had one issue or another with my running shoes. This past week having exhausted my own resources, I went to get a professional gait analysis to help find the reason why my right leg seems to give me problems after long runs. I met with Neil from SoleFit where he did a thorough exam of my feet and legs. Almost from the outset Neil could see some problems. The first thing he noticed was that my right leg is about 2cm shorter than my left leg, this could be the cause of my discomfort in my right leg. Neil also noticed that my hips were out of alignment this misalignment showed up greater once I was on the treadmill.

Neil took a look at the way I walk and slow run in the hallway of the clinic. From his observation it showed that I had a neutral gait and that the running shoes I was currently running in should do the trick. Then it was to the treadmill to get some photo analysis done with two pairs of running shoes that I brought. When I increased my run speed on the treadmill is showed that I pronate quite a bit. It was very interesting to see how I run in slow motion and how much I pronate along with how my right hip moved.

Right now it would appear as though I might need a 7-10mm lift in my right shoe at the very least but Neil does not believe that I would need an orthotics though further investigation will be needed.  As part of the further investigation process, I was given a list of running shoes to try and once I have narrowed down my selection, I would go for another video analysis to find which shoe is best suited for my situation.

With my list in hand, it was off to see my good friends at the Running Room to pick up the shoes on my list. The Running Room has a 30 day return policy on their footwear as long as you do not wear them outside. After spending $1800 and picking up 10 pairs of shoes, it was time to head home and try the shoes on the treadmill.  The following is the break down of the shoes I have tried:


This is my little pile of running shoes to try.



First up Mizuno Wave Inspire 10. The shoe is light and fit is good. Like other Mizuno shoes I have tried I found them to be a bit to stiff in the heel to mid foot. Being a heel striker this is not good for me. This one will not make the the short list.


Next up is the New Balance M870. Overall a nice fitting shoe though I think my feet would be happier in a wider width. A light shoe that takes impact very well. This shoe goes into the maybe pile.


Another New Balance to try, the M860. So far this shoe is the one that seems to fit well though maybe again move up to the wider width. This shoe makes it feel as though I am striking more mid-foot. The heel feels very good. They are a touch heavier but for the speed that I do weight is not an issue. This is going in the maybe pile.


First of 3 pairs of Saucony shoes. It did not take me long to know that the Guide 7 were not for me. Though light and very comfortable, they just did not have the support I am needing. These go in the no pile.


The Saucony Hurricane 16 are much better than the Guide. Again I found this shoe made it feel like I was striking more mid-foot than on the heel. The fit was very good though it did not feel heavy, they are the heaviest shoe I have tried so far. This shoe goes into the maybe pile.


The third pair of Saucony, Omni 13 is very good. Feels light with a lot of support. Saucony has always had a lot if room in the toe box which is good once your feet start to swell on long runs. Going into the maybe pile.


The first of two Asics shoes, the GT-2000. Good fit with good room in the toe box. The heel is very secure. Again this shoe feels light but is one of the heavier shoes I have tried today. Not as much support but it still warrants a second look.


Well the Asics GT-1000 did not make the cut on so many level. Very narrow fit, and no where near as much support as in the GT-2000. These ones go into the no pile.


Ok I know it is not about the looks but I so did not want to like the Brooks Adrenaline GTS . The colour is awful, I have never liked black running shoes. Besides the colour these shoes were very comfortable and provided a lot of support. The weight was good and the fit was better than expected. These go into the yes pile.


Last but not least is the Brooks Ravenna 5. This was a very light shoe that fits well and provided enough support. I was actually surprised at how well they performed. Into the yes pile.


I had hoped to narrow down my selection to 5 but after various testing I ended up with 7 in the yes pile. The method for testing was pretty straight forward. I started with a slow walk then picked up the speed to brisk walk or slow run and finally a full out run, well my full out run speed. I did these tests over a 1km distance and various inclines on the treadmill.

It will be interesting to see how the 7 pair compare once I am back at SoleFit on their treadmill and in front of the analysis cameras. My next appointment is on September 4th so I will have an update to this post most likely on the 6th. Be sure to check back then to see what the out come is and which shoe is the winner.

Until next time…happy feet run longer distances.