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Hopefully The Last DNS For Awhile

This weekend is premier running event for the year in Ottawa. It is Ottawa race weekend time and normally at this time I would be starting to gear up for my race. Unfortunately, after much soul searching this will be yet another DNS (did not start) race for me. Early last week, I thought I just might be able to run my race, but the more I thought about it, the more my anxiety grew and I came to the realization that for my own sense of peace and health it was better to sit this one out. I just could not imagine myself in the sea of people, I believe it is a 10,000 person cap for the 10K, for any amount of time.


I will certainly miss all the fun and excitement that goes along with Race Weekend but mostly, I will miss toeing the start line and celebration party after finishing the race with my friends the most. I will also miss working the race expo this my buddies from the Running Room as I get a charge from hearing the stories from so many people on how they started running and what their goals are for the future. Their stories also gives me motivation to continue on my own journey to IRONMAN.

Today, I being my 12 week training program for my “A” race this year, the St.John’s Triathlon Olympic Distance. So, in preparing for this race, I place to do at least two sprint triathlons before the August 10th St.John’s race.  The two sprints I have decided to do are the Smith Falls Classic on June 28 and the Valens Sprint in Cambridge on July 13th.



I am looking forward to training and hopefully getting back out there with my friends for bikes and runs over the next four months.

Until next time…..”I am keeping my chin up and moving forward” me.


Another Week Done

So last week my goals were to complete at least two bike rides of 50K or more. I ended up doing three rides, 51.12, 50.09 and 53.13 averaging about 24KM/h. Two of the rides were on the Rideau Channal pathway system and there were a lot of people on the path so I kept my speed low, the other ride was on the Osgoode Line Path which is still pretty soft in place with water still in some sections. I am more than happy with the speed given that I was on my Trek DS 8.3 versus my road bike. I will admit that there were a couple of times that I was nervous but with each ride, I get more comfortable.


I planned to get in three runs of 5K, but I ended up with only two. One of the days I was supposed to run did not happen as I was having a very bad, well a couple of bad days actually. Given what I am going through, there are still bad days but it seems and feels like the good days are out numbering the bad days. Again, I used the Osgoode Line Path system to do my runs as the ground is soft so running on it is easier on my knee. My time was ok at 36 minutes for one run and 34:24 for the other run. I am also breaking in a new pair of shoes, which I hope to have a review on shortly.

As for swimming, well that did not happen due one of the bad days. I will get in the pool this week but I am not going to put as much pressure on myself to do it as I did the last week. The big win for last week was that I did not visit Timmie (Tim Hortons Donuts) at all last week and I was able to eat much better. I have not weighed myself but my clothes are feeling better and I drop two belt notches so I am on the right track.

The goals for the coming week will be a repeat of last week as I know they are doable and I will not feel as much pressure. I am moving forward slowly but surely.

Until next time…When adversity strikes, that’s when you have to be the most calm. Take a step back, stay strong, stay grounded and press on. LL Cool J

Why Do I Run

Recently I gave a talk at a Running Room Clinic about goal setting and motivation, though it took a lot out of me, I was able to get through the 30 minutes but doubling up on my meds that day may have had something to do with that. At the end of the talk, one of the people in the clinic came up to me and asked why did I start running. The simple answer was that it is something I could do right away without a lot of training.



The advantages of running is that it is a sport that can be done solo or in a group. Other than getting a very good, properly fitted running shoes, the investment to start is very low compared to other sports. You can run anywhere, whether on vacation, traveling for work or during a lunch break. Depend on how hardcore you want to be, you can run in just about any type of weather.

There are days that I just enjoy running by myself, it allows me to clear my head and concentrate on my pace as well as my stride. I also like running with just one other person, in this situation, it allows me to encourage and to be encouraged. I have a very good friend, Jenn, she and I run together a lot. We have both been through many struggles as we strive to improve our running and we push each together to improve. Group running is a lot a fun as it allows you to float through the group to be social with so many people.

Since I have started running, I have noticed that so many of my Facebook friends have started running. I do not know if I was the inspiration for them to take up running but if I was, then that is an added benefit. Seeing others working on improving themselves, motivates me to improve and encourages me to get out there on days I just do not have the desire to run.

This is a great time of year to start running while the temperature are not too hot and the days are getting longer. I would encourage anyone to attend the Running Room Wednesday and Sunday run club or even join a learn to run clinic. If there is not a Running Room in your area, most likely there is another running shoe store or local club that organizes weekly runs. If you do not want to start out in a group there a couple of great learn to run apps, such as Ease Into 5K or C25K .

So get out there and run, enjoy the outdoors and all that it has to offer.

Until next time…...”In running, it doesn’t matter whether you come in first, in the middle of the pack, or last. You can say, ‘I have finished.’ There is a lot of satisfaction in that.” Fred Lebow

The Week That Was

Last week I posted what my goals were going to be for the coming week:

1. At least one bike ride of one hour or more

2. Get at least 2 runs in of 5k

3. Stop going to Timmies to avoid the temptation of carbs

And the results were

1. I did an out and back ride on my bike to the Running Room for a total of 32K and about 1.5 hours of riding. At first, I was a bit nervous as this was my first ride since my crash and that the bike I was riding was very similar to the one I crashed on. It took a good 20 minutes or so to feel comfortable, especially riding in traffic. By the time I reached the Running Room, I was feeling more at ease and confident on the bike.


The ride back home was a easer but boy oh boy was it damn cold. It is hard to believe it is May and the temperatures have remain in the single digits.


2. Well I got in only one 5K run, but I will blame the weather for not being able to get out to do the second run. At the moment I am a fair weather runner, but has to change or I will not be able to achieve the results I want for my big race in August.


3. I did manage to curb my carb craving this past week and only went to Timmies once and that was due to running late one morning and not having anything to eat at home. I skipped the chocolate chip muffin, Timbits or cookies for a bran muffin. Still not the best choice but it was better than what I was eating before.

So this week my goals are as follows:

1. Get in at least two 50K rides on the bike. Not at any land speed record time but just to start the legs and but used to longer distances.

2. Three 5K runs in any weather.

3. Now that my shoulder and neck are better, to swim laps at a pool for 45 minutes at least once this week.

Last week, I pushed beyond my comfort zone and did a goal setting talk at the Running Room. Though my anxiety did start to build towards the end of the talk, I was able to hold it together. I am still having good days and bad days but I think the good days are out numbering the bad one, at least in the depression area. The anxiety is still giving me trouble but I will continue to work on that until I can get it under control. I am hoping the more I put myself in situations that induces the anxiety at the present time, I can build up a tolerance to the anxiety.

Here is to the week ahead of getting stronger and healthier.

Until next time…..I’ve worked too hard and too long to let anything stand in the way of my goals. I will not let my teammates down and I will not let myself down. Mia Hamm