Trying to Catch Up

Well, I have spent several hours trying to catch up on all the bloggers I follow but I think it is a losing battle. Not having read any blogs in months, there are just way too many posts to catch up on so I have decided to just start from today moving forward. I am sure I am missing out on some great info and great things that have happened to people, for that I am sorry.

Onwards  and upwards from here.



About fatguy2triguy

On the morning of Dec 21,2010, I woke up not feeling so good. The next thing I knew I was at the Ottawa General Hospital Emergency Room thinking I was having a heart attack. Luckily it was not a heart attack but a chest virus. This event scared me enough to get serious about my health. In the past two years, I have lost 80 lbs, started running races and completed my first half marathon. Though I did not reach my goal of losing 100lbs in two years, I am very happy at my progress so far. I am sure I would have reach my goal if it had not been for a few health challenges in 2012 such as emergency gallbladder surgery followed by a nasty post op infection. At one point we thought the infection was all cleared up but it was not and it went deep. That led to yet another health scare where my doctors were checking to see if I had ALS, MS, Huntington’s or other muscle diseases. It turned out to be a continuation of the post op infection. All this stopped me from training at a level that would have helped me reach my goal. I guess it is true, that what does not kill us, will only make us stronger. I am on the mend now and things are slowly getting back to normal, well as normal as I will ever be. Now it is time to get focused again on my health goals. When I started on this journey, my ultimate goal was to complete the IRONMAN in Kona, Hawaii. That is still a long-term goal that I want to complete by 2015, in the short term I plan to complete IRONMAN Miami 2013. Another goal for the coming year, is not only to complete losing the 100lbs that I started but also to lose another 20lbs on top on that with a goal of being 180lbs by the time I do IRONMAN Miami. Follow me on my journey.

2 responses to “Trying to Catch Up”

  1. bgddyjim says :

    Brother, it happens to me from time to time. Nothing you can do to catch up other than throw the rest of your life off trying to read everything. What is important is getting back you on track. Don’t worry about everyone else (though thanks for all of the hits 😉). Don’t sweat it brother.

  2. Mountainstroh (Tony) says :

    I’d say you have easily read more of mine than anyone but family and in person friends! No worries pal, point the nose forward and go like the wind!

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