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20 Habits That Will Make You Highly Successful

A great way to live life.

Everything Swim Bike and Run and the Occasional Life Encounters

The most successful people in the world are the most motivated – correct?

Not entirely.

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It isn’t motivation that creates success, but habit and action. The most successful people in the world definitely have passion for what they do, but passion that isn’t accompanied by action is rendered useless.

It is your habits, more than anything, that will lead to your eventual success.

If your days are dominated by habits that help you on your journey to success, you’ll one day find yourself exactly where you want to be, doing what you want to be doing, earning what you want to be earning.

20 Habits That Will Make You A Success

1. Don’t define success with a dollar amount, but in relation to your happiness.

The habit of defining success with a dollar amount will lead you to constantly chasing a higher price point. It’s a chase that will never…

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Review Bliz Pursuit XT Sunglasses

I have spent a small fortune on sunglasses over the years. The reason for the small fortune is that I have either lost or have broken so many pairs of glasses. I have tried the expensive, the cheap and the in between with varying results but eventually, I either break or misplace them. A couple of years ago, I decided that I would no longer purchase expensive sunglasses for this simple reason.

I do realize that having good eye wear for triathlon is important so the task is to find mid range sunglasses that will work well for me. Since starting triathlon, I have gone through at least 10 pairs and I can honestly say I did not find any that worked well or survived the punishment I put them through. In that 10 pairs, I did break down and purchased a pair of Oakley but after a couple of months wearing them, I again lost them. Other than the money I spent on them, I was not heart-broken as I did not find them to be worth the money and the hype did not live up to my expectations.


While I was working the Muskoka 70.3 Ironman, once again I broke my sunglasses and I had to find yet another pair. Luckily, there was an expo with a number of sunglass vendors showing off their wears. After trying on several pairs I ended up purchasing the Bliz Pursuit XT. The reason for the purchase was, one they fit very well which I have always had a hard time due to a narrow face but a large bridge nose. The second reason was the complete package that came with it. One item that I really liked was the replaceable sweat band. I have a problem with sweating a lot and it going into my eyes. The sweat band channels the sweat away from the eyes as well it allows air flow around the lenses so they do not fog up, which is another problem I have.


Another great feature is that the glasses allow you to interchange lenses. This is important especially for cycling on those days that having dark lenses are not needed. To change the lenses is very easy but you do not get the sense that the lenses are going to fall out easily. I had another pair of glasses that had interchangeable lenses and the lenses always seem sloppy or loose.

The package also comes with a sports strap that will keep the glasses more secure on your head. I find this item useful during the winter months while running and wearing a hat/toque. It allows you to secure the sunglasses so that the arms do not have to go under the cap/toque.



The lenses provide 100 UV protection against UVA/UVB and are made of unbreakable polycarbonate material that is that is 10 times more impact resistant than glass or plastic lenses. The lenses are super light when compared to plastic or glass as well.  As mentioned earlier, I have a large bridge on my nose, these glasses provide an adjustable nose piece. It is by far, the most comfortable nose piece I have had on a pair of sunglasses.

The one thing I did not realize until after I purchased is that all the components are made from 100% recycled material. A lot of times, items made from recycled material seem cheap or break down over time. I have had the glasses now for six months and they are just as good as the day I purchased them.

So far, I love these glasses, so much so, that I will purchase an extra pair the next chace I get.

The package includes:


Smoke & Blue multi coating lenses

Low Light lenses (available in different colours)

Cleaning Cloth

Sports Strap

Hard Shell Case

For $109, you cannot go wrong with these glasses.

Until next time…..If someone doesn’t brighten your life, don’t take off your sunglasses, just find sunshine somewhere else.

Monday Morning Motivation #32

Keep moving forward and surround yourself with people that will lift you up, rather than tare you down.

A Story That Makes Me Shake My Head

When I read stories like the one below, I just do not understand people sometimes.

First, I do not get why the kids what they did. Is life that boring that you need to go out a terrorize someone for kicks and giggles. Then the parents who think that there little ones can do no wrong and blame the other person, than themselves for bringing up kids that have so little respect for other people. As for the law enforcement officers, well you know there was some influence my the parents on them. Let’s hope that those that deserved to be charged are and that they take responsibility  for their actions.


Monday Morning Motivation #31

If you have a strong enough WHY, then anything is possible.

The Decision Has Been Made


After some research and soul-searching, I have decided the St.John’s Triathlon will be my “A” race for 2014. Why did I pick this race? Well for one, it will be back in my home province of Newfoundland where I have not spent any amount of time in almost six years. It also does not hurt that the George St Festival starts right after the race. The second reason is, if I do not have a good race, I can try to redeem myself three weeks later at the Cornwall Triathlon.

When looking at the course, it seems to have a some degree of difficulty and a little bit challenging which is another reason I chose this race over Cornwall as my A race. As anyone knows, the weather in Newfoundland at anytime of year can present its’ own challenges to what you do outside. I noticed in the 2013 race that at the beginning of the race, the weather was nice but then the wind picked up and a short time later the rain started to pour.

I am excited to return home but more excited for solid race performance. So let the training begin.

Until next time…..Goals are dreams with deadlines.