New Year, New Goals and New Challenges


Only a few hours to go and 2013 will be behind us, so it is time to look forward to 2014. With the beginning of each new year, I am always optimistic that the new year will be better than the past year. This coming year is certainly no different. During the time between Christmas and the New Year, I take time to write new goals and create a plan to reach those goals. Without a plan, goals tend to be wishes that fade over time. It is very important to write your goals down and review on a regular basis. Below are my fitness goals and my race plan for 2014.


1. Be more consistent with my training. (I have a plan)

2. Get rid of that last 20lbs (meal plan is already written)

3. Give back to the sport of running and triathlon by volunteering at least 6 races/events

4. Set up training bank account and do auto deduction from business account

5. Network with my realtor colleagues to generate referral income to buy a dedicated tri-bike

Running Goals


I did not indicate goal times for each race as I will set a realistic goal based on my training and progress as I get close to each run. You will notice that the longest distance for the coming year is one 30K. The reasoning behind this is that I want to take it a little easier on my body so I figure I will do shorter distances than a few longer distances. It will give me a bunch more race t-shirts and medals!!!



I am so looking forward to heading back home to compete in the St.John’s triathlon. It looks like a great race and I hope to visit with so many friends while I am there. The Cornwall Triathlon was my first triathlon ever so I just may switch to the sprint distance so I can see my level of improvement but that is something I can change as I get closer to race day. If at all possible, I do hope that I can compete in an end of year IRONMAN 70.3 somewhere in North America, most likely Miami or Austin.

So, there it is but there is one other goal, that for the most part I will not have any control of and that is to make it through 2014 without any major injuries that will impede my training. Bring on 2014 and all the glory that will come with it.

Until next year….“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” Carl Bard


About fatguy2triguy

On the morning of Dec 21,2010, I woke up not feeling so good. The next thing I knew I was at the Ottawa General Hospital Emergency Room thinking I was having a heart attack. Luckily it was not a heart attack but a chest virus. This event scared me enough to get serious about my health. In the past two years, I have lost 80 lbs, started running races and completed my first half marathon. Though I did not reach my goal of losing 100lbs in two years, I am very happy at my progress so far. I am sure I would have reach my goal if it had not been for a few health challenges in 2012 such as emergency gallbladder surgery followed by a nasty post op infection. At one point we thought the infection was all cleared up but it was not and it went deep. That led to yet another health scare where my doctors were checking to see if I had ALS, MS, Huntington’s or other muscle diseases. It turned out to be a continuation of the post op infection. All this stopped me from training at a level that would have helped me reach my goal. I guess it is true, that what does not kill us, will only make us stronger. I am on the mend now and things are slowly getting back to normal, well as normal as I will ever be. Now it is time to get focused again on my health goals. When I started on this journey, my ultimate goal was to complete the IRONMAN in Kona, Hawaii. That is still a long-term goal that I want to complete by 2015, in the short term I plan to complete IRONMAN Miami 2013. Another goal for the coming year, is not only to complete losing the 100lbs that I started but also to lose another 20lbs on top on that with a goal of being 180lbs by the time I do IRONMAN Miami. Follow me on my journey.

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