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Monday Morning Motivation #25

Dreams and goals, that’s what it is all about.


Words I Never Thought I Would Hear

In the almost three years of my journey to get in better shape, I have been slowly hearing words that I had not heard of on a regular basis. The first being athletic/athlete, which is not a word that I would have ever associated with myself in the past 43 years. I certainly hope that it will be a word that will be used to describe me for many more years to come.

Focused, is another word that was not used often to describe me as well. People have told me that my attention and focus on reaching my goal of completing an Ironman is something they rarely see today. That will happen when you have a goal that is written down and shared with many, it holds you accountable to yourself and other.

Resilient, is a word that unfortunately has been used too often in the past three years. With all my injuries, no matter how bad, I have bounced back more determined than ever to reach my goal. I could have easily gone back to my old ways of eating badly, not exercising or care about my overall health but I will not let that happen. Having a positive attitude and surrounding myself with great people, allows me to be resilient.

Slim, I heard this word for the first time on Friday when I went to purchase a couple of new suits. Now instead of going to the 56-58″ suit rack, I went to the 42-44 regular suit rack. The store owner said to “me that will not fit you.” I said, “do you think I should go up a size?” Surprisingly, he said “no, you need to go to the slim rack, as the regular cut suit will look like you are wearing a garbage bag!” At first I did not believe him but once I put on the jacket, I could not believe how good it looked. Then I thought, there is no way the pants will fit as I have always had thunder thighs but to my surprise again, they fit very nicely. I guess I can get away from wearing the relax fit jeans as well in the future.

Positive, people cannot believe how positive I have remained through all the ups and downs of the past three years. Though I was always more or less a cheery guy, I was really not a happy guy given my weight nor overly positive. Since I started this journey, I have had a mental adjustment and I told myself not to let things get to me as well as to look at positive side of something. Just looking at the picture taken shortly after my bike accident, you can see that it did not get me down. Do I still get bummed about things, of course I do, but I never let it take hold of my thoughts. I see far too many people who go through life dwelling on the negative and their life seems so miserable, that will not happen to me.

This next group of words I certainly wish were not used to describe me, injury prone! I have certainly have had my share of injuries over the last three years but that just goes to show that I am pushing my body to its’ limits. Now, I will admit that I have certainly pushed myself further than I have ever in my life but the reason for some of my injuries is that being a couch potato for so many years, I was asking my body to do things it has never done before so there were bound to be injuries. Some of my injuries can also be attributed to me getting used to my new body. I was so used to carrying so much weight that I got use to how I balanced and how I would react to certain situation. Now that I have gotten ride of so much weight, I have not adjust my balance or the way I respond to a situation yet. This will take time and I have to accepted that.

The next words I am so looking forward to hearing in the near future is, Duane Leon, YOU ARE AN IRONMAN.

Until next time….“The most beautiful people I’ve known are those who have known trials, have known struggles, have known loss, and have found their way out of the depths.” Elisabeth Kübler-Ross


Monday Morning Motivation #24

Lest We Forget…..

Those that gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Those families that mourn.

Those that return with battle scars and wounds.

Those that continue to stand a post for our protection and freedom.

We Will Remember Them


Monday Morning Motivation #22

Once again, I see a lot of myself in this mornings Motivation video.